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We build high scalable applications using modern web standards and technologies.


Our Features

Web Development

We know all aspects of developing complex solutions, depends on customer requirements. Our team can provide development in different branches such as E-Commerce, Marketing, CRM, SaaS, Web-Portals, etc. We can design an architecture and implement it in your project.

Quality Assurance

Quality of development is very important for us. We use a lot of tools to test quality of our projects. We can do manual and auto testing.


We can provide support for customers who has existing projects. Our team can manage old legacy projects, increase speed, quality, fix bugs, and do re-factoring of the code.

How we do the development

To build a good product you need to use the right tools. For every customer depends of his needs we will setting up correct enviroment.

As a bug tracking system we use Jira.
To work with the specification and project documentation we use Confluence.
We use Bamboo as a continues integration process. Best practises of the product delivery helps us to deliver a product on time.
As code base we use BitBucket.

We use PHP as a main language for server side.
Our company can provide development from the scratch, and also support development in the projects of different complexity.
For user interface we can provide development using AngularJS and jQuery.
For development we use different frameworks depends on customers requirements.

Manageable team is a very important thing that provides incremental functionality, decrease risks and provide customer oriented product. We use Kanban, Scrum and other agile methodologies for projects depends on your needs.

In our projects we use

PHP 5-7 (Zend Framework, Symfony2, Laravel, Magento1/2)


Javascript( jQuery, AngularJS )


HTML 5 (Bootsrap)


CSS (LESS, SASS, Material design)


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